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Is that even possible!?

So I get into my marketing class my teacher isnt there he is late... I'm up for a very interesting evening.. He started talking about our marketing presentations that are like 40% of our grades!!! Anyways he complained about some groups and hailed others but then he started talking about I dont know a whole bunch of stuff and started passing out the grades and whatnot--- he's like each member was graded individually- correct. I was expecting a B, honestly cause thats is what I felt I deserved anyWAYS he hands me my paper and says good job-- I got an A! I got a 37/40---I WAS SO FUCKIN HAPPY XDXDXD!!LIKE speechless, and then when the other memebers got their marks, they were fuckin like upset and shit and then they asked me what I got and I told them they all got fuckin mad, started whispering to one another and moved away from me...Umm okay I can understand your mad, but lets recall WTF DID I DO?! Anyways whatever I was FREAKING fuckin out and whatnot that my grade would be taken away from me, I EARNED IT... THEY ARE ALL FUCKIN self-centered dicks who were pretty much mean and whatnot to me the whole time till the END, and even then they treated me slightly strange "the reason we put your name at the end of everything is because we're the guys and your the girl"... WELL FINE FUCK THAT I GOT THE FUCKIN A- WHO'S ASS U KISSIN NOW EGOTISTICAL MAN...oye that was bad comming out of me but I honestly dont mean bad for them, we just got what we deserved

Anyways at the end of class the group members (5 guys, recall I'm the only ONLY girl) and they're like can you come with us to talk to the teacher... I was like guys first of all---If you are UNHAPPY with your grades, your talk is NOT with ME but with the TEACHER. He is the one that PASSED JUDGEMENT on your work not me, if anything you should NOT be unhappy because of what I got but rather of what you DID/DIDNT earn...I just left class and ever since I've been WORRIED LIKE FUCK... HE CANT JUST CHANGE MY GRADE BASED UPON THE TALK OF OTHERS--- CAN HE, CAN HE?!... I mean honestly... I just talked to my dad whom of which I pretty much never mention but he was amazing he was like no he cant changed your grade~"The teacher gave it to you and if he has a problem and whatnot then HE'LL come and talk to you about it and you EXPLAIN yourself as to what you did------ and that ALL the members AGREED to their share of work and even if you did LESS or MORE you AGREED, why is it now that they come and complain"... so yes thank you daddy for being there when I needed it <3<3<3

I really hope nothin bad happens, honestly, I'm scared so much about my grades I really need this to make it, to transfer... I also got an A on my english paper, so yeah Its motivation to work harder and do more and better and yeah Im really worried... Not too hungry but I want to eat, I guess I'll cook n whatnot... Please hope nothing bad happens to me, I'd never wish anything bad upon you or anyone, if you know me you know what im talkin about...
forever grateful<3
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