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you know what you can kiss...

I fuckin hate my marketing group, they all hate me cause I'm the only chick amongst 5 guys. They decide to exclude me from everything and then complain I dont do ENOUGH. Well excuse me, let me know whats going on--- they're all like friends so if someone is absent or something they let each other on whats going on and whatnot, if I'm missing its MY FAULT even when I have reason to be absent... I know they're all smokers they're all on my fuckin nerves they cant stand me anymore than I can stand them... WELL FUCK THEM! I distributed the surveys, I compiled the data I offered to make graphs but they did them without me, I offered to look up data but they did it without me, so I distributed surveys, compiled the data, did the whole powerpoint presentation (did I MENTION THEY took it and made it all froo froo as if I did SHIT) and then some other dude wants to do the whole FUCKIN presentation... I dont know I may have my patience but I really feel they're pushing it. I swear if they all gang up on me and make it look like I did shit I'm gonna kill em, which looks like what is going to happen. My presentation is on monday...

Anyways this is something I'm plannin on doing this summer

I think this one is really really pretty...

These are really pretty too I like the clear and aquamarine one

Simple, but pricey... :S

I need a stud to hide from my extended fam I'm seein this year they're gonna kill me for gettin this-which one to get?

My babe got this one from a jewlery shop just because, he's says its mine now-Hopefully he'll come with me to get it done...

btw I have a bad feeling about that email I wrote him earlier, when he left this morning he said something along the lines of we need to talk about this when I get back or something ALTHOUGH he was using smiley faces and seemed happy... :S I get the feeling something is going to happen today I dunno... I'll see... peace
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