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Well well well...
Friday was a drag, a cross between working, talking and being addicted to the internet!!! yAyNESS I ate burger king not necessarily cause its my fav but I love their frency fries-- I mean I could nonstop eat those till I died and whatnot, apparently humans cant live without fat, well only those models who smell food and feel sadly full *Shrug*

Yeah so I talked to tavit last night for a lil bit after he got off from work, yes more family drama from him he didnt even tell me what was going on, I feel bad for him I really fuckin do, he's been an adult since he was like 14. I mean we all depend on our parents in some way shape or form but him--- I swear hes been independent at 14 so yeah at 18 I guess its starting to fuck with him mentally, I can imagine its like, where was my childhood and my youth? I guess there isnt one...Or if there was, its too far away *hug*, He's a man and like I'm so proud to be his girl...<3

So Calculus honestly was FUCKED... I dont even understand what the HELL is going on anymore I'm just copying whatever he's writin on the board Im so lost its like air going through one ear and going out and somehow comming back in as to recycle itself-dont ask. The quiz was alright, I think I did pretty well cause it was on the stuff I studied :)... Yeah so I got back from class and I wrote tavit a long email trying to explain whats going on in my head and maybe comfort him a little. I didnt mention when I got out of the shower this morning I nearly slammed into the ceramic floor and had I- I prolly would have cracked my skull or broken a good couple of bones, I feel some pain I look at my leg 10 minutes later its dripping with blood- I wonder where that came from. Dont you feel like the wound HURTS only after you've seen it... thats strange

I went to the mall, cause I'm fucked for my marketing presentation on like Monday- holycrap its like 1/2 of my ENTIRE semester grade so if I fuck up-I'm FUCKED but if I do well I'm pretty much in the safe. So yeah I was lookin out for dressy shoes and skirts/pants- and since its like summer "lets get naked" season I couldnt find anything that was worth spending any money on there was this one skirt for about $25 a cross between a mini and knee length I didnt get it but I was thinkin about it and cute black flipflops (dressy) for like $20--- I didnt get them but im thinkin about it if I want them I'll go back tommorow... I also saw this cute ass bag for $20, cute pair of undies for like $8 and MUSTHAVE ecentrictop from Bershka $20... yeah I know Im glad I didnt trash my money but yeah I mean this is just one going out so imagine how much I'd spend everytime IF I went out and got what I want... eeeks, yeah ONE broke bitch I'd be...

Got some groceries, read some stupid magazines and OMG there was one book called "More Bushisms" I was rolling in the aisles and people lookin at me liek WTF---- BUT Check out some of the things he said:

"And there is no doubt in my mind not one doubt in my mind that we will fail"

"Neither in French, nor in english, nor in mexican"

"We're concerned about AIDS inside our White House"

"But if you've been laid of work you're 100 percent unemployed and I worry about it"

"Home is important.Its important to have a home"

"The reason I believe in a large tax cut because its what I believe"

"The thing thats important to me is to remember whats the most important thing"

OHH MY GOD... all I CAN SAY IS what a freakin idiot! I'm serious that is some of the funniest shit ever... Blah so yea I got my stuff, ohhh talked to some girly who worked at Bershka and told me about some place where I could get my hair done straight and it looked AMAZING on her and stuff- so yeah hopefully I'll get my eyebrows n hair done tommorow so I'll look not so ugly... Em yeah got some roasted chicken hmmm.... so YEA I get back to my room and apparently I got charged for somethin I didnt buy, that fuckin sucks and since its soo far its pretty hard for me to go back anytime soon and argue so its like uhhh whatever *hits self in head*... Yeah that roasted chicken wasnt the yummiest thing but I'm a carnivore, and yes now I'm a happy carnivore so now the animals may roam freely without fear, till I get hungry again... Damn I'm tired
forever grateful <3
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