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I AM SOOO EFFING MAD.. for real, I cant believe there is so much pain, and hatred still existant to this day... I just found out what fuckin happened in IRAQ and I'm so fuckin mad, they say they go in there to deliever security, to deliever peace and to protect them- fuckin HELL no, they're out there messing shit up... their blood is paying the price for oil, oil they'll never have...

Now it comes out and they apologize, what if it never came out, what kind of human being could see such pain/abuse and remain SILENT... IT GROSSES THE FUCK outta me... makes me soo mad, and I just watched Rumsfeld bullshit APOLOGY- fuck you, do you think that can compensate for dead peoples lives, or dignity, do you think your mere lousy fucking "i'm sorry" means anything to their families and those who've lost their pride. Sick racist fuck, ruins the name of his people, and the representation of an already dysfunctional nation... Makes me so mad, and then you wonder where Bin Ladens come from, then you wonder where hatred can breed, its not hard to see America, its really not all that hard to see... Im so ashamed by their actions, makes me honestly sick to my stomach... I know many americans have no affiliation but its this sort of abuse and lack of dignity that created 9/11... I worry if there was hatred for america now its been multiplied endlessly. Those people responsible, affilated, associated should all be shot execution style and hell I wouldnt mind doing it....

If you havent seen the pics--- check them out there...(note: very graphic)
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