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your my everything

Im feeling alright right now, well just thinking a lot which eventually is gonna get the best of me... But God I just realized how much I care, love, adore, need, want, crave, feel, believe, admire, respect him... He is such an amazing person, and the way he's been with me lately has made me feel like nothing I've ever felt- I feel like my soul, my heart and my entirety is open to him like I can be me and be comfortable. He doesnt go out to say hurtful mean things, or to any way imply that I have flaws and faults which he seems to see as beautiful and accepts with such grace. I dont understand how he sees what he does, but it makes me feel like a person, like Im someone to me, someone to someone else, like I dont even know how to honestly explain it. When we're apart from each other and even when we lay down for a few minutes we know we're thinking of each other, when we sit in class we know that we think of each other, almost everything reminds us of one another and we want nothing more than to make each other happy. The feeling that he places within me that fills me up that it makes me feel like I'm real, this is love. I know before I've fallen for other guys and opened my heart and cried it out badly and I know I've loved, but not like this and we both know we love each other, even thou the 3 words have not yet been spoken, the songs we share with each other- the words we silently speak to each other in our eyes god we both know it and with such truth. He makes me have this semi-permanent smile and I know I can do the same to him... Im just thinking about seeing him and letting him go is making me dizzy making me let my slow cold tears flow slowly down my face, Im gonna cry so bad and hurt like I've never hurt before in my life...
Im grateful valentino broke my heart and gave me a chance to realize that there is something so much better out there, all that pain is so worth what Im going through right now, the feeling that someone cares about you so truthfully and honestly for your mind, for your soul rather than for anything else. Someone who wants you for your entirety... There have been very few guys out there with that sort of mind, and Im very blessed to have tavit in my life, I love him, I love him so much and I cant wait till I see him and wrap my arms around him, kiss him slowly then look into his eyes, and I know then we'll say it to each other... wow HIS birthday is comming up in 3 more days--- I'm one horrible girl, But Adrian is gonna mail him the Tidus figure since it'll be cheaper to mail from SF to Dallas than from SF to 1/2 way around the world to Dallas...neways so Ya! I'm gonna get workin on my english essay now, I'll go pick up some more $$ from the atm tommorow n then mail him his present and then he'll get the figurine and mail with all this other stuff...I hope it makes him happy cause to me that is all that matters... <3<3<3<3

I WANT THESE SO BAD!!!he said he'd get em for me awww :)

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