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iM hungry

I'm doing better!! *jumps in joy*...
I've been talkin to lain quite a bit lately so thats been good as always she's trying to keep me sane and whatnot<3

Tara was also being darling and she gave me like some awesome advice, damn girly you can read my mind

**tarii says:
you're being totally rational,I understand what its like to want to leave him,because then life supposedly would be so much easier
you wouldnt hafta deal with loving him and everything that brings and wanting to make him happy and then failingthats one of yr fears i think, that you can't make him happy or worse that he cant make you happy or give you what you need
**tarii says:
but then you cant, cuz you adore him and he's brought a lot to yr life and you cant imagine not being without him,i think you gotta realise that yr more amazing than you think
**tarii says:
and you gotta trust yrself
**tarii says:
things will get better for you if you believe it
**tarii says:
you can go to that great school, make tavit happy, make yrself happyand have that perfect life
**tarii says:
i think yr just overaware of other ppl's expectations
**tarii says:
maybe ya just gotta think hard about what you want and how to achieve it
**tarii says:
at the end of the day it's your life. don't let anybody take it from you. they already have one.
**tarii says:
they can't have another one! thats not fair

yeah so that helped... I did some studying for that whore calc class- oh yeah listened to the Aceyalone album- Love and Hate and DAMNNN HE'S ONE TIGHT Emcee, for real...
Blah I also recalled having a dream about this one guy I was crushing sadly on for like 2 years and he was the popular good looking guy, and I was one of his good friends even though I looked pretty scary he came to talk to me bout problems and stuff he was genuinely nice and stuff and sweet<3 and then I dunno I dreamt we hung out again and he hugged me and stuff that was weird... BIG time... emmm yeah sooo I need to get back to studyin for calc... I'M HUNGRY!!!
Forever Grateful
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