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stop glazing me with your lies

Yayness for my new icon!! :) I actually made it so I'm proud of me... ummm yeah I was too lazy to go out today so this girl I know here danah decided to go out n get me some stuff I asked for ... :D! Emmm yeah I got lots of work and I have been doing some of it but then getting so easily distracted- which means yes Im going to go back for a bit and hit the damn books...

I've been having insane I mean INSANE mood swings lately and I dont know how or why the person that I'm taking it out on is the last person I'd want to hurt/crush or give any pain to yet I somehow seem to do it--- and the WORST part is that I dont realize what I've said/done till like after I've said it and I say Im sorry and it makes me look crazy. At least people when they say stupid things they dont say sorry to have some I dont know sense... but I say it right after and I swear if he doesnt think Im a psycho, well he has too. This mornin he was like everytime you get your "happy times" I'm worried your going to flip on me, hurt me or scare me--- So I'm stopping this madness, cause this is one of the reasons things fucked up with valentino- not that it matters. Sid is telling me that I think too much~which is true, so I'm going to try to keep some things to myself and be LOGICAL and wonder if I would have said the same thing 10 minutes ago....

So yeah... I just need some logic and self-control before I go around and speaking my mind... Oh yeah I was reading into the controversy of Michael Moore's new movie that Disney allowed him to make but not produce--- Farenheit 9/11... Its basically trashing pres Bush and yayness for that but even funnier is that Disney wont release it because it doesnt want to upset the Bush family and because Disney recieves millions of dollars in Tax benefits they wouldnt want to lose that... Lame excuse for not letting the movie out- its not a "family oriented" movie yet they'd release a movie like Kill Bill- Ironix eh...?! I cant wait to see this SOB !!!

btw the Evanescence vid OWNS, I read about it on and damn she looks scary with blonde hair, I love her black tresses n gorgeous eyeliner. SHE IS SO EFFING BEAUTIFUL!!!! I think I'll dye my hair black at the end of the summer or something...
Forever grateful <3
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