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ma baby, didnt have that great of a birthday but yeah I tried to cheer him up by telin him my stories, I guess I did... Ummm at the aquarium place he got this sharky stuffed toy thingie it was sooo cute- he finally has a stuffed animal and ofcourse he was being funny by molesting the damn thing--- awwww, but yeah I'll make it up to him for sure when I see him this summer, I'll get him chocolate mousse or some cute cake n some candles n whatnot n give him his presents <3...YAY for salad on monday, I had a nice salad, damn I miss that...

Tuesday was emmm alright... I went to calculus class and OMG- I dont even effing understand what is going anymore like its SO beyond me so I'm kinda screwed studying n frustrating myself to figure some madness, I was never a fan of math but this stuff just pisses me off... Blah... Then em yes I came back and rested for an hour or 2 then started workin on my essay and finished it, I think it was really good blah I got into class late and didnt realize they were watching a movie and whatnot, yeah it was a strange movie I think it was called Catch 22... In basic summary army guys are depressed, confused and very horny... Blah... Oh yeah, I was singing like 30 minutes previously about aunt flow n stuff.. I swear THAT BITCH came immediately, its like damn you- I dont miss yea after english yeah this nice girl in the dorms was tellin me about a problem and I saw she got these cute shoes so I was like oh so how much did all that cost and she like blushed so I guess and I was like OMG are u okay babe?! Over $1,000 on 2 pairs of shoes and a bag, I kinda wished I would have raped the money n given it to my babe to see his mom n stuff, but whatever everyone gets their turn somehow- somewhere...
SO yes I was screaming like a pregnant lady and abused on pain killers and went to sleep early..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :'(

I wake up at around like 6am on Wednesday mornin, talk to Toaster n Lain<3... Yeah then I fall asleep talkin to them as well its nice cause me n toaster say the same things as the same time and I guess its cause se have similar minds or maybe we're both on so Im up updating my journal, trying to feel better, I'm gonna go read some lit then rest it up again...Oh yes and I cant forget the chocolate now- CAN I?! I want cookies n cream ice cream n LOTS of hot fudge and crispy chicken sandwhich with mustard- yea I have weird cravings... now back to literature...
Forever grateful
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