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woah, amber is the color of your energy <3

Sooooooooooooooooo.... yeah I havent posted lately I've been a cross
of busy, sleepy and lazy. Very interesting actually, but yeah I am very busy
as of right now, blah essay, calc hw n needed studying, marketing research
proj n needed studyin, yup yup...

Saturday was interesting... this girl I know named Danah called me up and
like I dunno she's very ecentric and lively in this fun way, so yeah she
wanted Italian food so we went out and got some, it was alright not the best
but I was hungry~as always... emm then djgirl's mom was nice and she made me
lasagna yummm hehehe but I didnt eat it then I saved it for later- so yayness
for food! I know that seems to be the only ONLY thing on my mind but thats
not the case I just love food and I miss being taken care of and fed
emmm.... yeah so that was that I came back and took a shower and slept... it was like 5 pm--- so I woke up at about midnight and yeah did some math hw, talked to ma toaster muffin for a bit and yeah that was that...

Sunday well I did sleep the night before!!! YAY! Emmm yeah I wake up and Toaster just got back from work and whatnot and well yeah I was starting to talk to him considering we didnt have a decent convo for awhile then my friend kholoud well I havent talked/seen her in like ages tells me that her class got canceled (btw this is like 8:30 am) and she's like I'm gonna stay with you till 11 cause thats when my ride home is. Me being as sweet as I am ofcourse couldnt object so yeah poor Toaster slept all alone and me and her just being the girls that we are talked away... lol... em she was telling me about some depressing wedding with this huge bride and skinny groom and like slutty sisters and the bride was all religious n it was all depressing yet it was hilarious like dark humor, well it cracked me up... Yea so much for that...

I wanted to call my mom first thing on mothers day to wish her well and whatnot, but there was no effing credit so that sucked BIG TIME... so I just hung around and stuff- btw did I mention how COOL my english teacher is, he pushed my essay that was due on sunday till tuesday-- YAYNESS!!! Yea, anyways I call my mom to tell her Happy Mothers Day... I was really upset that Im too far to do anything grand and great or to spend the day with her, I mean honestly ever since I've moved to college I've learned the value of my mom- how much I care and love her and no its not because she used to take care of me but damn she has so much compassion and sensitivy and acceptance that it amazes me. I can only pray to be 1/2 as good to my children, like for real she used to be someone I'd "have around", I'd say mean things to her and walk away and whatnot, but through it all she NEVER ONCE gave up on me- EVER... I know everyone loves their mom, but my mom God Im so grateful for her there is no one like her, ever... I heart her soooooo much, I'm gonna suprise her and do all these things when I get back, yes flowers, various dinners/breakfasts and presents... she deserves everything...Its true you dont know what you've lost till its gone <3<3<3<3
I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had lasagna for lunch and stuff then at night went groceries shopping, resisted temptation to buy crap--- yes!!! I bought some groceries but as ALWAYS I forget FORGET something I need like stuff to keep my hair from gettin frizzy n everywhere with this humid weather... Yeah I had Burger King- not hungry, just because...

I felt bad for Toaster though, his mom is like 1/2 way across the world and he hasnt seen her for like *gasps* 3 years... If you think you got it bad then you can look at his situation and strength and feel better about yourself, yeah he was telling me about his work that day and all the Milfs-- I dont get that whole "Stacey's mom got it going on" I'm kinda grossed out by it but yeah guys are different I guess. His coworker Carlos is OBSESSED with them like he cant even work properly when they're around, thats hilarious yet disturbing...but tavit he's too sweet he's working overtime to pay off last months phone bill so he can talk to me when Im there...<3

Yea, so before he went to work this dude named Chris is like his father's friends son--- well he's Tavits age but he is SUCH AN ASS... I dunno Chris wanted to look like "I'm the man or whatnot" and was talkin about all these Chicks and gettin commision for setting up certain girls with guys and shit--- thats gross he's like I think I've slept with over 30 chicks and couldnt even remember naming them all so Tavits like dude did u get checked for STD's cause you'd be damn lucky if you dont have any...N Chris was like yeah I'm fine this and that and just kept poking at Tavit with sensitive topics and issues of which obviously Tavit didnt wanna talk about so he'd give one or two word answers to shut him up- but he'd only ask more--- People like that dont care about you, they just want to know what they want to know... fuckers, I dont know if I knew somone like that I'd be all quiet or pretend I'd fallen asleep...

•.·´`•..·´`•HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAVIT!!•..·´`•.·´`•

YAAAAYY!!! Its ma cuties birfday!!! well Im really happy, but I feel really bad for him, I'll talk bout that in a bit... so yeah the morning is alright calculus was alright- I ACTUALLY CONCENTRATED THE WHOLE TIME!! I even stayed after class and finished most of the hw due on Tueday! Emmm I get back and start workin on my essay, no wait this is funny... This girl in my calc class shes like a friend, neways--- HER FRIEND TOLD HER to get an amazing tan by putting olive oil and lemon juice and spendin a couple of hours in the sun... SHE WAS BURNT AND CRISPY TODAY, when I saw her I was ROLLING for real... I'm like girl if someone told you to use butter and tan, would you do it... XD!!!LMAO Yup so...

Tavit woke up and I talked to him, and he didnt seem to happy, poor babe... Like I dont want him feeling that no one cares that its his birthday cause I fuckin care so much, Adrian is so dead with me he didnt mail the present he's doing it this weekend and I'm like ADRIAN WTF?! Adrian is having serious roomie problems and is about ready to start a fight, *hugs*...But I cant do anything, I dont know if I should just save money and mail him anything from here a few days late or just wait or what... Well he's going to some aquarium today and he's like I'm gonna be stuck with all these stupid teenies on the bus, I know how that feels and when you dont have "someone" to sit with you feel alone... I'll hope he has a good day if not then I'll definetely try to cheer him up tonight--- which means I HAVE TO FINISH my whore essay... n I got my marketing class in like an hour...
Forever grateful...<3
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