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Oh joy.... oh effing JOY... I go to check my mail and shit and yeah the university I wanted to go to in the Spring doesnt have spring applications... fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck---how many times can I say that Im so fuckin pissed/sad... I cant believe this is happening to me, I was plannin on staying here till fall then going there in the spring- now what do I do....I dont know I guess go anywhere for a semester then apply for like fall 2005... FUCK THIS SUCKS SO MUCH IM SO UPSET....THIS JUST RUINED EVERYTHING... eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

I didnt do shit all day, I just layed back and stuff.. blah Im gonna go do my math hw and then eat... god I'm so pissed... I cant believe all this shit happens to me, whatever...
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