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WHAT IS wrong with me!?!?!

I dont understand what the fuck is happening to me but I'm turning in to A NERVOUS wreck.. I've been nervous on/off lately for the past few days like crazy... I go get into bed right now and then ideas start fucking with me an I start panicking so I get online to do some college research as to see where the flying fuck I'm going to transfer... I only got MORE nervous as I thought that the potential university of my choice has closed its application and so I emailed them right now making sure and checking as to see what the hell is going on...IF thats bad enough I was crying in bed about losing tavit and now for some reason I want to fucking leave him and never hear or see him again, I feel like he's never going to get me anywhere- like he's never going to be anything big and great, that he's just going to only be a problem that I cant deal with that my family wont be able to deal with-- I dont know... Am I going insane or am I honestly waking up to reality and the responsibilities that I've been ignoring and leaving behind... I'm going to go insane I'm serious, I need someone to understand me, someone to talk to and someone who'll let me cry on their shoulder... I need help
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